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This is the worlds only unbiased source of guidance and information about the fastest growing hair loss solution in recent history, a technique known as scalp micropigmentation. Although SMP is undoubtedly the most exciting development from the hair loss industry for many years, there is a lot of false and misleading information circulating around. Some providers are already proving themselves to be far better than others, however even the best organisations and most experienced technicians can (and do) make mistakes.

SMPDebate.com is here to guide you through the world of scalp micropigmentation by providing a clear and informative picture of what is possible, a range of helpful guidelines to assist you along the way and by helping you to choose the right provider for your treatment, as per your own unique requirements.

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Genuine comments we have received

Honest, transparent information is hard to find in this industry as much of the literature people are presented with is false or misleading. Your website does a great job of showing the benefits of SMP whilst advising and educating in a thoroughly constructive way.

Ian Watson
Founder of HIS Hair Clinic

Have recently come across your web page, I must say I am very impressed with the content. Having worked nationally and internationally with HIS Hair Clinic and SKALP for a number of years, its great to see a website that isn't run by a provider which is helpful for guys who are suffering with baldness. Keep up the good work and if you ever need any information or help with any research please do not hesitate to ask.

Damon Ashcroft
Midlands Area Manager at Skalp Clinic

I couldn't have asked for a better site to support. I can tell you're a good guy and that's truly important to me as a business owner. I am sure I'm supporting the right person who goes the extra mile to help the SMP community. As you're one of the few critics who truly have saturated themselves in the industry and care about the clients, I hold your opinion in high esteem. I enjoy the fact that you maintain a well educated insight to the SMP process.

Sam Shokati
Founder of ScalpMP

Tyler I really respect your website!! Where are you based? Would you like to meet up in person? I am in the UK. Salvar the Managing Director of The Vinci Hair Clinic was showing me your website the other week. :-)

Ken Fryer
Clinic Manager at Vinci Hair Clinic

I have been watching the development of your site, and I am grateful for your educational and honest approach. As you well know, excellent SMP results require far more knowledge and experience than meets the eye. I sincerely applaud your efforts to help hair loss sufferers in finding experienced and reputable providers. It is not easy to inform consumers about the possible problems associated with SMP without eroding confidence in SMP in general. Your site does an excellent job of educating without instilling fear. I thank you. I am open to direct communication, and to adding whatever information I have to your efforts.

Amanda Mazzocchi
Vice President of Good Look Ink

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