The End of SMP?

The World’s First Skull and Scalp Transplant

How big is that smile!?
How big is that smile!?

This story broke yesterday and lots has already been written and said about it. I wanted to come at it from our point of view, as hair loss sufferers, SMP fans and the interested, examining the tantalising promise it holds for us.

Hats off!

Let’s start by acknowledging the skill and ambition of the surgical team. This poor man had suffered terribly, the treatment for his cancer had robbed him of some vital organs but treatment for that was pointless unless they could replace the 26cm hole in the top of his head… created by the aggressive cure for his cancer.

Where and when can I get mine?


Come on chaps! It cant be much further.
Come on chaps! It cant be much further.

Maybe one day we will look back on this event as the moment when we started on the road to a genuinely impressive transplant, I have a vision but it still seems a long way into the future.
From the picture of Mr. Boysen you would have to say that his new scalp seems rather out of shape. We can only hope he stays a hot news topic long enough for us to see how it all settles down. Right now it has the contours of a small, slightly floppy, beret. Then of course there is the scar, it’s a douzy isn’t it? Hopefully he will find his way quickly to an SMP clinic where he can complete his treatment.



Will I still be able to play the piano?
Will I still be able to play the piano?

Does anyone else remember the large hairdryers that women used to put on their heads in at hair salons? My vision would be a device along those lines. It would cleanly remove your existing scalp replacing it with a generated version using your own DNA, adjusted to address the cause of your hair loss of course. The new scalp would be attached using a raft of, yet to be developed, nanotechnologies so that the connections are made at the cellular level and thus invisible. In around the time it takes you to do a little internet shopping and for a couple of hundred dollars.

For now

In the meantime there is still this excellent surgical advance to celebrate. One for which SMP is a superb complimentary therapy, to add density and camouflage those scars (or should I say, that scar… it is a single line all the way round) – and will need to be for a long time yet I suspect… that said, I for one would be delighted to have to brush off my CV because science got it licked.

Laurie Downing

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